Stemlock Classic

Anti-theft stem

Stemlock integrates two new functions into the bicycle. On one hand, it simplifies storage and transport. On the other hand, it is a powerful protection against theft. Stemlock is the first lock integrated into a multifunctional stem. In a single step, the handlebar is quickly aligned along with the frame and the wheels. With one turn of a key, the handlebar is disassociated from the fork, making the bike absolutely impossible to be ridden or conducted.

User benefits

  • Simplicity: Easy to use. Once installed, this stem grants a permanent protection. Liberate users from heavy and bothersome accessories like U-locks or chains. No more greasy fingers.
  • Space saver: Reduction by 50% of the space needed to store a bike. Perfect solution for bicycle storage and transport.
  • Efficiency: The bike cannot be ridden or resold! Theft prevention efficiency. Multi-combination screws which unable the dismantling without the specific tool.
  • Maximum safety: The release mechanism is secured to prevent from an incorrect operation.
  • Service Card: 2 year-warranty + 3 years complimentary extension, granted upon registration of the Stemlock via the Service Card. Simple online ordering of a lost key.